Lulubelle III band page with information on the band and music
In the press

Lulubelle III Cuttings

Our entry in the YouBloom contest was mentioned by NewswireNI

The Derry Journal reported on Lulubelle III debut album A Saucerful of Sequins being released on iTunes

The album launch was also picked up on NewswireNI

Another local paper The County Times wrote an article about Lulubelle III CD of A Saucerful of Sequins being pressed due to demand.

The Unpredicatable Porridge site has a bio of the band.

Lulubelle III on the web

Lulubelle III are on the Ramone To The Bone tribute CD with their version of You're My My Kind Of A Girl.

LocalNewsUK linked to the Derry Journal article

For those who like Twitter you can follow us there.

A fan made a video for Lulubelle III song Frankie You Can Count on Me ended up on Nuts website as part of a feature on Frankie Sandford.

Our first presence on the web was our MySpace band page.

Paul McCloone played Lazybones on his TodayFM show

Once Facebook took off like everyone else we set up there too.

We often has demos on new songs up on Soundcloud so it was worth keeping on eye on.

Stephen McCauley played Wishing On You on Electric Mainline show on BBC Radio Foyle

Lulubelle III Radio Play

Paul McCloone played Frankie on his TodayFM show

Stephen McCauley played Hate The Haters on Electric Mainline show on BBC Radio Foyle

The County Times did an interview with us about the release of Foyle Delta Blues

Rodney Bingenheimer played 100% Dynamite on his KROQ show in Los Angeles

Marc Riley played Frankie three weeks in a row on his 6Music show we now have a band page on the BBC website

Our video for Arp turned up on the NME website

The new album Foyle Delta Blues got a mention on Hypem blog as we were reviewed on the Metaphorical Boat

Stephen McCauley interviewed us for his Electric Mainline show on BBC Radio Foyle and also played Hate The Haters and 100% Dynamite.

We made No 34 with Frankie in Radio Dandelion’s Festive 50 and were played everyday for the month of January 2013.